Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hey, my name is Lauren (AKA: Loz) I’m 22 and from England.
(That sounds way too blind datey but oh well.)

Right now that is out of the way, I’ve had this blog for almost a year and never written anything, partly because I was worried, and that’s a stupid reason so I’ve decided just to go for it.

I searched a lot for ways to start and what the first blog post should be but all I kept reading was ‘You need to pick one subject and stick to it’ and ‘you must pick a target audience’. That might help some people but to me that just sounded boring. Why only one subject? Why should I make it so only a certain type of person is interested?

I am going to write about things I’m interested in and care about. That could be beauty, fashion, pictures I’ve taken recently, travelling etc. If this sounds interesting to you too feel free to stick around.


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