Sunday, 16 November 2014

A weekly round up, part three


This week was a good week in more ways than one. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was on a mini I say holiday but I only went 3 hours down the road to Birmingham. I haven't left my city in a while though so I'm calling it a holiday.

I have been to Birmingham a few times mostly to go shopping. City Centre shopping that's all inside is my kind of shopping. This time was no different shopping was top of my list, it is nearly Christmas! Now I'm not really sure what was different about my visit this time but other than one cashier no one really seemed all that friendly and everyone was seemingly in a rush, I'd love to know where they needed to be so quickly. I have to ask is there a reason people stop right in front of you or purposely walk into you? I know I'm small but come on I'm not invisible. I think that is my biggest pet peeve.

After shopping I did some exploring and came across this wheel not too far from my hotel. I thought it looked pretty. I have no idea what it's called though or what the fancy looking building next door is.

Whilst in Birmingham I wanted to visit Five Guys. As it's not a common thing in the UK I wanted to try it and see what the fuss was about. I was massively disappointed. My friend ordered a bacon cheeseburger, I got a grilled cheese and we shared a regular fries. This along with two drinks came to £21.50 which for what you actually get is far too expensive.  My grilled cheese consisted of two burger buns turned upside down with two cheese slices in the middle.  I would only ever visit again for the unlimited refill drinks which are pretty much the only selling point I can see. Grape Sprite, Raspberry Coke... yes please.

It was a fun few days, though sadly the Christmas market didn't start until Thursday, they were just setting it up when I was there. I'd love to visit again now that it is open though.

Thursday I had a training day for a possible job. When I got there I was told that I would do two days training and then start on Monday. I have a job finally, yay! The only thing I don't like so far is having to tie my hair up. My hair is over 24 inches long trying to tie this mane up, whilst covering my ears as if I let them free I run the risk of taking off like dumbo, is a hard task. 

Friday I went shopping with my mum, she is arranging a Christmas get together and wants to give out funny novelty gifts to the guests. This wasn't a very successful shopping trip. I mean we got stretchy yellow men/women and paper straws but that isn't quite enough. I can see this being a long mission that involves rushing into shops packed with crazy last minute Christmas shoppers. Speaking of which I need to get my act together and start choosing what gifts to get for people. I have only bought one so far, I don't want to turn into a crazy last minute Christmas shopper.

This weekend I have been relaxing and enjoying my last full weekend off before I start working, and stuffing my face with all kinds of sweets... oops. People need to stop buying me them I'm sure they're trying to fatten me up for the holidays. New jobs are always nerve wracking but I'm excited to make it my own, meet new people and have fun. Wish me Luck!


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