Sunday, 9 November 2014

A weekly round up, part two


So finally it is the last episode of Downton Abbey tonight. Hallelujah! I have been forced to sit through this every Sunday for weeks, it is on as I speak. I've never liked it, I find it one of the most boring and depressing programs on TV. Anyway on to the weekly recap of which Sod's law has been the theme.

Monday, my plans of going to my second personal training session at the gym were thwarted. Mostly because I had to wait in for the gas engineer. Why do they give you such wide time frames? Between 12 and 5 is ridiculous, I have things to do please pick just one time. So I tried to stay warm and beat my cold with hot chocolates and marshmallows, blankets and some NCIS for the day. The best ones with Ziva, not this Bishop woman. I can't take to her at all she faffs about far too much.

Tuesday I took my cousin shopping to spend her birthday money, and well I had to take her with me really, I need her to reach things down from the rails for me cause I'm short and everything I like seems to be up high. She's only fourteen and I'd say at least 5 inches taller than me, those 5 inches really make a difference. I may have bought myself some things too, I buy something every time I visit Forever 21, they know me in there by now... oops. 

Wednesday was Bonfire Night, now I know I'm not a fan of fireworks but I wanted to do something to celebrate this year. I didn't want to be outside as it's freezing out there. There was only one option sit in the car and watch from a distance with a portion of chips and some chocolate. This was a great idea and meant we got to see a few displays at once. We drove to the river and watched as fireworks lit the sky from across the water.  

Wednesday was also the day I had an interview. As always I was asked no "usual" interview questions, I think it's just normal now for me to have strange interviews. Trying to get dressed ready to attend the interview was a disaster. This is where Sod's law came in to play for the first time. My top was out, ironed and ready to wear, only when I tried it on with my skirt something didn't look quite right about it. I decided to change the top and so went tearing through my wardrobe for another. As I was putting the second top on I noticed a hole in the sleeve and three buttons missing. The next top I tried on had a broken button, the button was literally in half, how does that even happen? Anyway I had ran out of options and so on it went. I put my make up on next...terrible idea. I accidentally tipped some foundation on to my skirt, ran into the bathroom and tried to clean it off, it refused to move. Now I was running later than expected and in desperation threw some black pants on, only to realise they looked awful with the top. I ended up putting on the original top that was ironed and ready to wear in the first place. Great start to the day. The interview, however strange must have been okay as I have been invited to a training day. Hopefully things are looking up on the job front.

Thursday I had to cancel my personal training session again! I feel so bad. I was still ill and exhausted and the idea of getting up early walking to the gym and lifting weights made me want to cry and hide under the quilt. I will get back into this gym thing soon I'm sure. I decided to take it easy and lemsip up. Whilst I was going to be in the house for the day, searching for things I had lost recently became my to do list. Number one on the list a Revlon colorbust lipstick in the colour Crush. 

Friday, I had read about the Christmas festival coming to town so a friend and I decided to go and check it out. There was an ice skating rink, an ice slide and other Christmas themed entertainment. If you were not excited for Christmas already you would be after visiting. I decided I wanted to try a milkshake and so chose the best sounding one, Golden balls, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella with a sprinkling of nuts on top. Well it should have been a sprinkling, she filled half of the cup with nuts. Ew. I must remember to ask for none next time. I also need to try a crepe from the crepe stand I noticed on the way out, it's a big statement but I will say crepes/pancakes are my favourite dessert. I am a crepe/pancake connoisseur. After searching the house and every bag I own for the lipstick I had given up and resigned it to being lost for good. As it was a colour I really loved I re bought it.

Saturday the lipstick was found, of course after me buying it for a second time (Sod's law strikes again). It was found in my mum's bag of all places. It's like the Tardis in that thing, why I didn't check it first I'll never know. Well other than the fact I hadn't given it to her and had asked if she knew where it was... hmm. Must be the elves. My mum sent me on a wild goose chase to find a huge baby blue bow for a present she had bought ready to take to the baby shower we had both been invited to. I could find every other colour and made an executive decision that teal was the next best option.

I had never been to a baby shower and so although I didn't know the mother to be or anyone else attending. I decided to be brave and and go, I don't know what I was expecting but when we got there, there were sweets everywhere, I need to attend more baby showers if this is how they all are. It was decorated beautifully in blue and white and made me dream of how I would decorate, what I would do differently and being an event planner, my dream job, something I have always wanted to do. 

What's your dream job? Let me know below.

I am off on a small three day holiday this week and so excited so stay tuned for my adventures.


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