Sunday, 2 November 2014

A weekly round up


Here I am half ten at night, full of cold (which appeared out of nowhere when I woke up this morning ... urgh.) and only just sitting down to blog. This week has been really busy, packed with a few firsts and lots of fun.

Monday I was asked to join my mum, aunty and cousin ice skating for my cousin's 14th birthday. It was my third time ice skating so far, I can finally let go of the side on my way round now...go me!
I think if I ever decide to go more frequently I will definitely have to invest in my own skates. Hired skates are ridiculously painful, bruised ankles anyone?  I think they can only be rivaled by ski boots. Anyway I had a great time, my cousin is amazing and held my hand the whole way round she definitely needs to get herself to lessons, think we could have an olympic champion on our hands.

Tuesday was a day I had been sort of, maybe, kind of dreading. I recently joined a gym and Tuesday was my first time with a personal trainer (even writing that makes me laugh). Anyone who knows me knows me and exercise just do not go, I have zero hand eye coordination or upper body strength for a start. The session consisted of a walking test which sounds way easier than it is. I had to walk 1500 km in under 15 minutes on a treadmill as fast as possible, this was fine but not being able to hold onto the treadmill whilst doing this was awful. I was sure I was going to fall off and land flat on my back or face, I pictured it a few times. The trainer said he would laugh if I did.  I ended up working at 95% of my heart rate whatever that means ... not sure I like the sound of it. D: Next session he wants me lifting weights! Wish me luck, i'll need it.

Wednesday was reserved for shopping because who doesn't need a midweek retail therapy session?
I finally found a cabinet type thing for storing all of my make up. Who knew make up storage could be so complicated and expensive. I'm trying to go with a moroccan ish theme for the room and as the cabinet is currently cream i'm thinking it may have to be painted. 

(Apologies for the quality, having camera issues)

Secondly I picked up a new winter coat its was priced at £89 originally and in the sale for £40. It's a heavy navy woolen coat with a cream woolen inside. £40 is still quite expensive but for a good quality winter coat that will last I knew I wouldn't find anything cheaper. When I got to the till to pay, the coat scanned at £15 the cashier couldn't believe it, she triple checked! Amazingly it really was £15, the best £15 I think i've ever spent.

Friday was halloween and I spent it in the most unhalloweeny way possible. I was supposed to dress up and had a great idea for a costume but the party was unfortunately cancelled so i'm keeping my costume idea for another year. Me and a friend watched the lego movie and hairspray whilst singing every song ... the poor neighbours. We did try to get in the spirit but I don't think halloween shaped gingerbread biscuits were quite enough, either way it was a fun night.

Saturday was the annual Halloween/bonfire night party at my dads friends' house. I wore my favourite Rimmel purple lipstick to look like I had made some kind of effort. It is definitely a favourite lipstick of mine, I think the Rimmel lasting finish Kate Moss lipsticks are some of the best out there drug store or not; in my experience they last all day even whilst drinking and eating. Back to the party, it was lovely to catch up with friends and family I hadn't seen in a while and see how much all the kids have grown up. We ate good food, drank and watched the fireworks... Well... I watched from the safety and warmth of the kitchen, i've never been a fan of fireworks unless they're small and pretty without making too much noise. Such a wimp I know. 

After the party I went to go meet my mum and her sisters at a pub they had been eating in only I forgot my ID and although being four years over the age needed was not allowed in. Felt slightly better when a guy of 26 behind me couldn't get in either, at least we could be embarrassed together.
It turned out to be a good thing my mum, her sisters and I walked to one of their houses and they told me stories of their night, not that I'm sure what they were trying to tell me through all the laughter. I'm thinking that must be a sign they had a good night though.  

All in all I'd say it was a pretty good week, now if this cold would do one before my next gym session that would really help matters. 

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