Sunday, 23 November 2014

A weekly round up, part four


I have been blogging now twice a week for five weeks, I'm quite proud of that considering I was too worried to even start this blog. 

So this week I started a new job. It's going great though very tiring. I slept for twelve hours last night/this morning! There is a lot more lifting involved than I had considered, so i'll definitely have to go back the gym now to stop me being so weak. Speaking of the gym I also managed to forget my session, I thought it was Thursday when it was actually Monday so had to rearrange it again! I feel terrible, I think it's definitely going to be a hard session now as payback and I don't blame him.

I had a day off on Wednesday and so took a trip to town. I need to stop shopping so much. I had an excuse this time I needed clothes to wear for work. Town was starting to feel more Christmassy and the Christmas market was just being set up. I am determined to actually go to one in full working order at some point, I keep missing them. I took a trip to another favourite shop of mine, A sweet shop well all three sweet shops. Every time I go into these sweet shops I want to buy everything, especially all of the sweets from other countries but they are just soo expensive. It would work out cheaper half of the time to actually go the countries and buy them. At least then I would get a holiday out of it too. 

Today was my next day off and I have spent half of it in bed relaxing and the other half catching up on Made in Chelsea, I keep forgetting to watch it. I usually watch Made in Chelsea whilst reading tweets about it cause I find it hilarious. Yes i'm really that sad, don't judge. I also watched the film Monte Carlo as it was on TV and to be honest I really like it, now I also need to add Monaco to the list of places I want to visit. 

To get me in a Christmassy mood I have been searching Pinterest for some ideas of Christmas tree decorations or decorations in general I can make. Last year our christmas tree base smashed and the baubles were damaged so this year with a new tree, new decorations in better colours are neeeded. I'm thinking as it's a white tree the decorations should be bright colours.

 Anyway I have a few ideas and will no doubt combine them into a blog post soon. I will link my Pinterest below if you want to check it out. I have just started a new one as I kind of like my personal one to stay personal and this one to be more blog related things. I have made the commitment to start pinning more after a recent break from it.

Glitterandlime Pinterest

What's on your places to visit list? I'd love to know.


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